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The Rock's A Big Deal For Under Armour

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If you follow our blog you'll already know that we have particular brands we are quite fond of. One of these brands is Under Armour and they’ve now done what many have predicted and officially added Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to their roster of big names that represent the brand. A big user of social media, The Rock can be seen sporting the brand on Instagram whilst training and in movies long before this global partnership was agreed, promoting a genuine passion for the brand prior to any signed agreement.

The Rock Under Armour

This deal won’t only see The Rock continue sporting their clothing and accessories whilst training for new action roles but also develop his own range within Under Armour as well as promote the Under Armour Connected Fitness platform. The platform and its apps which have contributed to Under Armour's control of the world’s largest digital health and fitness community are seen as a big commercial opportunity for UA. Can we expect to see more Hollywood action stars teaming up with sports brands? Tom Cruise and Nike? Bruce Willis and Adidas? It’d make some very interesting ads! Image credits: HypeBeast


Kaylan Bland

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