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Feeling like a fraud?

Do you feel like a fraud in work and worry that you’re going to be found out: like you’re ‘playing’ at your job and you actually have no idea what you’re doing?Working in marketing recruitment, I have…

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Managing a crisis

Today we attended Emergency! Communicating in a crisis, hosted by Aberfield PR as part of Leeds Business Week. The session was a two hour hands-on crisis training exercise; learning by doing, handled

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Top reasons staff quit

The days of working with the same employer for life are well and truly over in the marketing and digital space. Generations Y and Z are often looking for diverse working experiences and try a number

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Writing the perfect CV

Writing a great CV is challenging – where to start, what to include, what to leave out, how much detail to go into, formatting, style…so much to consider! You know that you have circa 10 seconds to

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Our night at #sleepwithsimon

A team of four Network Marketer’s took to the streets overnight on Thursday 29th September for Simon on the Street’s annual #sleepwithsimon sleep out – their flagship fundraising event, that provides

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