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The John Lewis ad has landed

And we love it – LOVE it – group consensus (there are 18 of us in the office today) is that this is the best one yet. Granted this is an office with quite a few animal lovers, but this advert

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How to dress for work

British clothing brand T.M.Lewin recently shared their 'What to Wear at Work' infographic with us and we thought it may be of interest to some of you - dressing to impress! My personal opinion (and I

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The Class of '96

Tuesday 1st November sees the 20th birthday of Network Marketing, 20 years of #recruitmentdoneproperly and to say we are a little excited would be an understatement. However, we are not the only ones

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Feeling like a fraud?

Do you feel like a fraud in work and worry that you’re going to be found out: like you’re ‘playing’ at your job and you actually have no idea what you’re doing?Working in marketing recruitment, I have…

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Managing a crisis

Today we attended Emergency! Communicating in a crisis, hosted by Aberfield PR as part of Leeds Business Week. The session was a two hour hands-on crisis training exercise; learning by doing, handled

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Top reasons staff quit

The days of working with the same employer for life are well and truly over in the marketing and digital space. Generations Y and Z are often looking for diverse working experiences and try a number

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