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Shop Till You Drop. It's Black Friday

Apparently it’s Black Friday today. It’s an American phenomenon and is the day after Thanksgiving when the traditional Christmas shopping sprees begin. Retailers open early and give discounts to tempt…

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The Book do the Abbey Dash

I have a vague memory from around about this time last year - on what was a damp and a bitterly cold day and I had just finished the Leeds Abbey Dash, declaring (probably a little more loudly than I t…

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Is The BBC Brand Unbreakable?

When you think about the BBC, what springs to mind? Breaking News? A trustworthy source for rapidly developing international events? Engaging political debate? I’ve certainly thought all those things…

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Red Bull Stratos Jump

Hands up; who watched Felix Baumgarten’s jump last week? We did and it was pretty amazing, though we got a bit panicked when he started to spin and were just a little bit impressed when he landed on h…

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If at first you don't succeed...

We love this blog on Business Insider, it’s all about famous very successful people who experienced failure at first. Did you know that Marilyn Monroe's first contract with Columbia Pictures expired b…

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